EEI Construction and Marine, Inc. has an array of companies sharing a good relationship with the company



Equipment Engineers, Inc. is a notable provider and importer of quality equipment and systems in the country. With its diverse range of industrial equipment and systems, EE serves the other sectors of the economy: heavy industries, oil and petroleum industries, manufacturing industries, construction industries and other businesses.


EEI Power Corporation is a subsidiary of EEI Corp which has a vast experience in power plant construction and operation and maintenance.



GAIC is a licensed Private Recruitment Agency by POEA, supplying manpower of various categories to numerous international contractors in Africa, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Canada and U.S.A. for more than 30 years today.


GAMSI is a local manpower service contractor which provides janitorial, messengerial, building maintenance and technically proficient office personnel.



EEI Realty Corporation is the real estate and property development arm of EEI Corporation. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry.


JPSAI is a partnership between EE and two Japanese companies, KYC Machinery and Sansin Sangyo. The company is engaged in sales and rental of Scaffolding and Formworks products.



BiotechJP is a partnership between EEI and Biotech Japan which focuses on Rice Technology.